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Absolute Twin Sands - Phuket, Thailand

Set between two dazzling white tropical beaches, on a stunning peninsula of Phuket, Thailand, Absolute Twin Sands offers magnificent panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, along with a wealth of luxury facilities. As the newest addition of award-winning Absolute World Group, the resort boasts a tremendous array of studios, one and two-bedroom suites, all decorated with exquisite contemporary furnishings for the ultimate holiday experience. Top amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spectacular multi-level infinity pool, restaurant and full concierge service.


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A professor talks about the issue of racism in Japan 

ETA: the person who made this video is being pressured to censor it and take it down from youtube, but he feels that it is very important that people know about it (see the second video he made about it for more info), so please signal boost this or repost it or either way share the video around before it gets silenced!

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The cast of The Princess Bride 25 years later: Entertainment Weekly

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Yotel Hotel - New York City, NY, USA

Ideally located only two blocks west from NYC’s bustling Times Square, the Yotel New York focuses on delivering affordable luxury and excellent customer service. Contemporary and innovative, the hotel boasts a great selection of stylish minimalist cabins, all of them appointed with cutting-edge technology and spectacular views of Manhattan skyline. A really original feature is the fourth-floor area, where are located four trendy bars, a couple of lounges and a clever restaurant that embraces the Japanese seating and eating style.


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Les Cabanes du Bois Landry - France

Consisting of 15 unusual tree houses sprinkled around an idyllic private forestry, there’s no wonder the Cabanes de Bois Landry delivers some truly unique sleeping experiences. The domain is blissfully located on the edge of a pond in the department of Eure-et-Loir, about 90 minutes’ drive from Paris, and offers accommodation in characterful wooden cabins suspended in the forest’s oak trees and connected by all sorts of staircases and rope bridges. Each unit is individually decorated and appointed with all necessary facilities for a one-of-a-kind authentic experience in the woods.


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